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Tobacco industry is a powerful mafia, Dr. Nisar Cheema



Islamabad: The tobacco industry uses innovative tactics to influence legislation. If we are to save our youth from the ravages of addiction, we must together defeat the industry’s tactics.

This was discussed in a discussion organized by Panah in a local hotel in Islamabad.

The theme of the event was the tobacco industry’s new tactics to thwart TAPS.

The event was hosted by Panah Secretary General Sanaullah Ghumman.

Among the guests were former Head of Tobacco Control Cell Minhaj Al Sarraj, former Member Tobacco Control Cell Dr. Zia, Dr. Afshan Tehseen Bajwa from National Commission on the Rights of the Child, Technical Advisor of the Union Khurram Hashmi, Dr. Abubakar Bhatti from National University of Modern Languages, Dr. Saira Kanwal from Ministry of Health, Ehtram Khattak from Heart File, Mian Akhtar Javed from Boy Scouts Association, Uzma Shaid from Girl Guide, Ali Abbas from Ministry of Law and Justice, Dr. Rashid Aftab from Rafah University.

Apart from this, civil society and media people participated. MNA Dr. Nisar Cheema was the chief guest of the event.

Addressing the event, Dr. Nisar Cheema said that the tobacco industry has immense resources and they are putting all kinds of obstacles in the legislation regarding it, but we are also moving towards the legislation and their every trick. will break Today there are better laws than before but we have come a long way.

Dr. Afshan Tehsin Bajwa from the National Commission on the Rights of the Child said that we have to go to all lengths to protect our children and young generation from the dangers of tobacco.

All the speakers emphasized that the youth are the future of the nation and we have to protect them from the dangers of tobacco as it is the first step towards all forms of addiction.

Before that, the host of the event, Sanaullah Ghumman, welcomed the guests and explained the purpose of the event.

He said that the tobacco industry is attracting the youth with new tactics.

Sometimes they are advertising themselves under the pretext of sponsoring various programs and sometimes they are misleading the legislators by giving wrong numbers.

Panah is making every effort to thwart these tactics of the industry.

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