SPO Audio visual room inaugurated in Mirpurkhas


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The inauguration ceremony of SEF funded SPO’s Audio Visual Room at AALTP (Ali Talpur Town) was held in Mirpurkhas today. Mr. Nisar Ahmed Banbhan, the Regional Head of Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) for the Mirpurkhas Region, and Mr. Amjad Baloch, the Regional Head of SPO Sindh, inaugurated the AV room.

This event marked the first initiative that SPO has taken for the betterment of students from 9 to 16 years who missed the opportunity for learning.

Now, they will have the opportunity to receive visual education through fully equipped tablets, which are connected to an Android TV screen, which will provide additional support for their digital development.

This initiative is the joint commitment of SEF and SPO Sindh in improving educational standards and opportunities for all students who belong from deprived segments. We hope that, this digital initiative will serve as a gateway to achieve more desired results through joint AALTPP initiative. Mr. Shewa Ram from SPO, Mr. Shoib from SEF, Mr. Muhammad Yaseen from SPO and Mr. Faheem Babur from Simdh TV also joined ceremony and shared learning with students.

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