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Malir artists demand of Art Council in session at APCM


A session of artists of Malir held at Awami Press Club Malir Murad Memon village which was participated by artists, poets, literates, political, social workers and journalists in a great number from different areas of Malir like Khokhrapar, Razaq Abad, Ghaghar, Gadop, Sheedi village and others.

Program was organized into two sections and first and foremost combine session of artists was held in which decision of establishing Malir Arts Club organization was taken and artist Faqeer Habibullah was selected as a chief organizer of that.

On that occasion artists namely Mureed Faqeer, Faqeer Habibullah, Muhammad Jahanzaib, Saeed Hussain Narejo, Hari Ram, Saghar Bheel and others said talking with media men that Malir district of Karachi is a fundamental, significant and historic place which is a center of education, literacy, history, culture, costumes, historic places but sorry to say that Government of Sindh and superfine have not supported and provided aid to artists and literates due to what they are worsened and suffered a lot and their life has become heck even culture of Malir, historic places have also been destroyed cause of negligence and beyond looking after.

They demanded for Art Council at Malir a place where they can perform their art and talent and receive rewards.

In the second section of program musical function was held where mentioned artists showed their performance and won the hearts of listeners and received appreciation applause from onlookers.

On that occasion social, political leaders and journalists namely Saami Memon a president of APCM, Azad Younus, Kashif Khaskheli, Shabbir Shah, Akhtar Gabol, Tariq Baloch and others demanded addressing that Sindh government should resolve the issues of artists and literates on priority basis.

At the end of musical function all artists were gifted Ajrak by the journalists of Awami Press Club Malir.

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