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Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized an event to congratulate Masood A.Khan


Arts Council Karachi organized an event to congratulate Masood A.Khan on his achievements, in the Arts Council’s Auditorium.

Masood A.Khan has showcased his work extensively around the world and has received Honor Award from Korea, Haegeumgang theme museum. Speaking in the event Chief Guest Anwer Maqsood said, watercolor is a difficult medium and not every artist is able to handle it the way Masood does. Masood is a great Artist he has externalized his outrage at the religious, social – that cloaks and disguises our true intentions. This award is an honor for all of us.

“Arts Council and the governing body members of Arts Council are very proud of having him as our faculty member. Earlier, the condition of this institute was not so favorable and today this institute is the most recognized art institute of the country, it was all not possible without the dedication of our faculty members, our students are emerging their talent around the world” said Mohammad Ahmed Shah while expressing his thoughts on the occasion

It should be noted that 283 artists from 61 countries have participated in the 7th GEOGI International Arts Festival, among which only 6 people got this award, and Masood A.Khan is the only Pakistani who received this honor award.

Principle of Arts Council Institute of Arts & Crafts (ACIAC) and finest artist of the country Mr. Shahid Rassam said, Arts Council is breaking the ice of reminiscing artists after their demise and setting a new trend of celebrating them in their lifetime.

Paying gratitude to the council, Artist Masood A.Khan said, I never knew my achievements will be celebrated like this, it’s really a big thing for an artist when people acknowledge and appreciate his work, I am really honored. “I urge to the government to pay some attention to the fact that museums play a significant role in the promotion of art & peace, and we do not have enough”, he added.

On the occasion, Masood A.Khan gifted a painting to Anwer Maqsood, whereas Mr. Maqsood and Mr. Shah presented a bouquet to Masood A.Khan.

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