Members of National and Provincial Assemblies are only involved in the work of local level; M.Arshad


Karachi (Press Release) Hard work brings color if a person’s morale is high and he is enthusiastic about eating something. Without hard work and the journey of evolution can never be a shameful interpretation for anyone.

These views are expressed by the Secretary-General of Hum Awam Pakistan Party Muhammad Arshad Jamal while addressing a meeting. He said that he started his career in 1981 from a small room. In 1995, he became active in commercial politics.

He was elected General Secretary of Karachi Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agents and continued his struggle for the organization. Founded the association and I have been awarded the Presidential Award three times. An ordinance and in 2013 the association was legalized and then together with his team established a commercial and legal entity of customs agents.

An ordinance and in 2013 the association was legalized and then together with his team set up a commercial and legal body of customs agents. He said that for the further development of Pakistan a political organization has been formed which The name is Hum Awam Pakistan Party so that I can do something for the people of Pakistan gave me tireless work of the past years.

He said that we have misused the parliament a lot. Provincial assemblies are involved in local-level affairs. Commissions and kickbacks are very important in Pakistani politics and institutions. Due to which they fool the people in the name of development schemes while there is no provision for it in the constitution.

Is the job of MNA only to pave roads in their area, streets, neighborhoods, and intersections so that contracts Isn’t this an unconstitutional practice that is nothing but making money? It is our misfortune that all the government institutions of Pakistan has become corrupt.

The market of corruption is hot everywhere. Officers up to the director are busy filling their pockets and this corruption is more or less the same, which is hurting the people of Pakistan the most.

After the formation of Dear homeland Pakistan, the blessings of the country have been returned from 1948 to 2021 on which the courts have remained silent spectators.

To end this issue individually, I founded Hum Awam Pakistan Political Party I will benefit my people and be the source of success for the younger generation, he added.

Moreover he said, I will make good education, good employment, and business affairs easier and this is my party’s manifesto that the presidential system is a million times better than this parliamentary system Iran and Turkey are also great examples of the presidential system for prosperity.

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