Massive drive against Drugs Selling & its Usage in Malir


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Anti Drugs Forum Malir stages public rally against drugs selling and its usage at Malir led by Tariq Balouch، Aziz Balouch, Rafiq Darakhshan, PTI leader Qadir Bukhsh Kalmaty, Former MNA Abdul Hakeem Balouch, HANDs Representative Khalil Wadelo, SDO representative Saleem J Memon, Kiran representative Hayat Balouch, representative of Red Workers Front Liaqat Kalmati, Amir Bukhsh, Social Activist Fareed Balouch, Sadam, Shafi Muhammad Balouch of Wadelo NGO, Pak Sar zameen representative Muhammad Zubair and others here on yesterday.

Political social leaders, public of Malir especially youth Participated the rally immensely.

Rally started from Pakistan hotel and passed through Biro village, Malir Paradise, Old Thana,, Haji Dad Muhammad village, Mula Essa village, Fazal Allah Bagh and reached Jam village where demonstrators raised severe slogan against drugs dealing and its usage holding banners and play cards in their hands.

On that occasion led people addressed rally participants and said that drug dealing and its usage is being done in streets, mohallas and before educational institutions even many villages of Malir openly and without any barrier.

Tariq Balouch addressed and said that it’s failure of Malir administration that heroin, charas, Ice, gutka and other type of drug selling is being by which a big number of children and youth have become habitual of drugs dealing so in this way pillars of nation are being destroyed.

They further said everyday drugs dealing and drugs dealers are being strong and Malir has become their business hub where they easily have drugs dealing because their is no one who can stop them.

They said if social and political leaders, law enforcement agencies had worked sincerely against drugs then it would have ended in Malir they promised not to end their struggle till the end of drugs.

PTI Malir leader Qadir Bukhsh Kalmati addressed and said that drugs is spread in Malir with conspiracy in order to make youth of Malir intoxicated due to what Malir is being low in politically , socially and financially instead of uplifting.

He said only education can keep youth save from drugs selling and its usage but provincial government does not ponder like, today political parties have become political corporates so they will not work for humanity and society.

He warned administration and said that if administration does not take effectives steps against drugs and drugs mafia then young people who are already on roads will not end their movement and go back against drugs till its ending.

He demanded from provincial and federal government to take action against drugs and those elements whose hands are used to spread drugs and cleaned Malir, Sindh and whole Pakistan from drugs dealing and its usage.
Former MNA Abdul Hakeem Balouch appreciated the enthusiasm and spirit of young peoples against drugs and promised to be ever with them in movement against it.

He further said that those components which are being cause of drugs selling in society should be doomed and destroyed so as to save future of society.

On that occasion Hanif Dil Murad, Rafique Darkhshan, Samad Balouch and others also addressed rally participants

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