The news is by your side.


“Keep that coming,I scream,I want to pull that off,Anger fumes exhale out,There are heavy weights on my shoulder,I bent down,Instead of flying up,You keep that coming,When I get tired,After


“To succeed,I decided not to look back,Move forward,I stopped revisiting the places,To revive back memories,I stopped living,In order to live again,I had to live with memories"


It was your order,We want it or we don’t,Suppose to accept it,Exhaling anger fumes,Yes, I have accepted it.Still my heart is in pain,Without wanting it,My tears keep falling,My nose turns

“Your Existence”

Swamped with your thoughts,Influenced by your actions,Your words on my lips,My habits changed faster than I thought,Rituals are not what they use to be,You took the smile away,With you,Now

“Storm waves”

It would have been far better,If these eyes,Never would have witnessed the reality,I would have spent,Lifetime believing in something,Which never existed,Today I am in a middle of a


I made a mistake,You didn’t,So why do you blame yourself?I was silent,My lips were sealed,My body shivered,My mind couldn’t absorb anything,I didn’t understand what’s happening,Stood like a

What makes me deviated?

What makes me deviated?Why don’t I follow the path?Which I have chosen.Unnecessarily and Unintentionally,Entered different lanes,Which later I question myselfWhy did I do that?Silence in