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I am the bitterest of men swallowing my own sourness, when I expect to spit the bane it ebbs back in my throat, whirls and gyrate until I nauseate in my depth but it doesn’t lead me

Melancholy of today!

Melancholy of today!The compilation of invincible was going onI don’t know who whispered life softlyIn the quest of accumulation, life scatters farther The baggage we bear, brims with the

On the contrary

When the situation turned against them,The world start screaming. They were incurious when their tranquility was unaffected. They were drowned in their own happiness; they forgot to


It's not a tuft! it's a cage it imprisons me until its unbind It's not an ecstasy it's a sheer deception which make me wild Don't be so delicate I might sublime Come, I am calling


The most blazing consideration and centerpiece is enmity. In an era of mental imprisonment and perseverance man is indulged in degrading and mocking each other because of their