Zara Noor Abbas calls Pakistan’s current situation a ‘crisis’, Ahmed Ali Butt predicts ‘anarchy’


Zara Noor Abbas recently took to her Instagram stories to share an important message with her followers. She posted the message in response to a video going viral on social media of a Pakistani man crying and pleading with the government about the rise in utility bills and the inability of the average man to keep up with such high living costs.

In her message, Zara urged her followers and anyone else viewing her Instagram story to be generous and help the people around them as much as possible in these troubling times of high inflation in the country.

“This is the ugliest time Pakistan is facing. Please help people around you,” wrote Zara. She specifically requested people to provide financial and other types of support to their house helpers because they are often in dire need of our assistance. The actor suggested that it is our duty to be empathetic to our domestic help’s plight and help them however we can.

“Ask your staff and house help if they need something. Give them more than just their salary—help them with food,” Zara ended her story post by deeming the current economic situation in Pakistan a ‘crisis’ that needs to be acknowledged and addressed.

Mawra Hocane also posted on her Instagram story with a similar message. She weighed in on the situation and shared how it has ‘deeply affected’ her to see those who are already stricken with poverty struggle financially and people belonging to the middle class also having to fight to make ends meet. Mawra put out a request to those that are financially secure to help those who are not: “It’s a very difficult time for our countrymen. Please help each other as much as you can. If you can afford to pay another person’s electricity bill or contribute in some way, please do!”

Actor and comedian Ahmed Ali Butt also had an interesting take to share regarding escalating inflation rates and what that could mean for the current turmoil the country has been embroiled in. He stressed that when circumstances become impossibly difficult for the common man, they will be driven by their most instinctual need to survive, no matter the cost.

He furthered that if things do not change for the better, Pakistan will witness a breakdown of law and order because people will be prompted to commit crimes to sustain themselves. “When hunger will strike, no patriotism, no religion, no guns, no law, no fear…nothing will matter,” he shared on his Instagram story. “All that will matter is your will to survive and take from the rich and entitled. This will happen sooner than you think! We are on the brink of anarchy.”

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