World Hijab Day Organization arranges peace walk in front of Karachi Press Club


Women from different walks of life participated in the peace walk on the occasion of International Hijab Day, including students from universities.

Women participating in the peace rally highlighted the importance of hijab, wearing the hijab and carrying play cards in their hands and shouted their slogan “Hijab is our crown”.

Addressing the participants of the rally, the Pakistani Ambassador to the World Hijab Day Organization, Maryam Jameel, said, “World Hijab Day is the day of every woman who wears hijab.

Maryam Jameel said that we came out today to be the voice of all women who face extremism or discrimination in any part of the world.

She added that she is out today to unite the hijabi women and appreciate their strengths.

At the end of the rally, Maryam Jameel thanked the ladies and the media who played their part in making the rally a succes

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