World biggest truck art wall inaugurated in Chakwal


The world-renowned Phool Patti Pakistan’sTruck Art Team, led by Ali Salman Anchan , worked expertly to add color to Chakwal’s beauty, the beautification project completed with the special efforts of Deputy Commissioner Chakwal.

The cultural art created on the beauty fiction wall at Tehsil Chowk is a fascinating example for the viewers.

Deputy Commissioner Chakwal Capt (retd) Bilal Hashim pays homage to flower truck Pakistani truck art teamChakwal Under the patronage and special efforts of Deputy Commissioner Capt (retd) Bilal Hashim, the ongoing Chakwal Beauty Fiction Project, located in Tehsil Chowk of Chakwal City, has been completed with the famous Truck Art of Pakistan.

It was inaugurated by the Deputy Commissioner along with AC Chakwal, CO Municipal Committee Chakwal and Phool Patti Team. 

Speaking to media on the occasion, Deputy Commissioner Capt. (Retd) Bilal Hashim said that under the Chakwal Beautification Project, the services of Pakistan’s famous Phool Patti Pakistan’s Truck Art Team have been invited for the renovation of well-known areas of the city.

He said that the magnificent beautification wall completed with world biggest truck art wall and its honor for Chakwal city that it is the second major masterpiece of Chakwal beautification project, Allied Public Park in the center of the city has also been renovated with truck art.

On the other hand, the culturally decorated beautification wall at Tehsil Chowk, Chakwal was painted by the Phool Patti truck art team with the traditional culture of Chakwal.

On the wall of Chakwal, the cultural Bull Karah Race, tent- pegging, black partridge, , Neela Wahn Kallar Kahar waterfall, and the Baab e Chakwal ancient Chappar Bazaar, peacock Kallar Kahar, have been expertly made by hand painting. 

Speaking to media on the occasion Founder of Phool Patti Ali Salman Anchan stated that “I was happy to come to the land of Chakwal, trying to highlight the culture of Chakwal in a new way”.

Moreover he added, The Chakwalis appreciated and praised our work and here I wanna thank you on behalf of our team to DC Chakwal to provided us this opportunity to design and painted Phool Patti for this biggest wall Phool Patti team endeavors to promote the soft image of Pakistan around the globe and we are famous for unique ideas and public and cultural diplomacy. 

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