Woman card is too easy: Humaima Malick lends support to Aamir Liaquat’s first wife


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Pakistani star Humaima Malick recently took to her Instagram Stories to share a clip from an interview with Bushra Iqbal, the first wife of the late Aamir Liaquat, sparking curiosity and intrigue among her followers. In the interview, Bushra expressed her dissatisfaction and heartbreak with the circumstances surrounding her departed husband’s passing and urged for justice to be served.

The Instagram Story by Humaima featured a snippet of the podcast clip circulating on a local portal, wherein the television personality’s first wife candidly spoke about her late husband. The emotional post was accompanied by a heartfelt caption: “Aamir,” Humaima wrote, accompanied by a heart emoji. “Truly, the woman card is too easy; man is human too,” she added.

The cryptic message left followers questioning its meaning and relevance, as Humaima followed her Instagram Story with another enigmatic post that seemed to be unrelated. In the subsequent Instagram Story, she wrote, “Ask God for forgiveness, and the heart in which He resides. May I get my love; may he become mine again. Need prayers. Always.”

This mysterious message has stirred speculation and raised several eyebrows, leaving fans and followers of the actress eagerly anticipating further details or clarification. As far as the clip with Bushra is concerned, it belongs to a larger podcast interview given by her. While addressing the leaked video’s ordeal and the celebrated personality’s subsequent passing, Bushra stated, “Honour is not just a woman’s. A man has honour as well. Had this happened to a woman, the entire country would have been out on the street, burning things. But a woman had done this. Men and women are kept equal. God has not kept the level of punishment different in the Quran.”

Continuing further, she said, “People didn’t speak up. I was quite hurt. Everyone had their fun. YouTubers, members, everyone…People should think, ‘What if this happened to me?’  The best of people end up killing themselves. Who [ends up killing themselves]? Those who have no shame or honour. Otherwise, people have a lot of videos leaked, it was his honour. There are many videos of him crying. Some people claim we weren’t in contact. About facing his kids, he’s crying and saying – there are many audios that people haven’t even heard, I have them, on which basis I am fighting the case.”

The late televangelist, a prominent household name, media personality, and politician in Pakistan, passed away in June of 2022, leaving behind a legacy of diverse contributions to the fields of media and politics.


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