Where did you find such an amazing husband: Malala, Asser enjoy banter and football in Brazil


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In a delightful display of their lightheartedness and love, Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai and her husband, Asser Malik, embarked on a memorable adventure during their visit to Brazil. Malala, who has been to Brazil before, took to her Instagram to share the update. 

The couple, known for their shared passion for social justice and global activism, took some time to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and sporting spirit of the country. Malala, renowned for her advocacy work promoting girls’ education worldwide, shared a cheerful Instagram post that captured their experience at the legendary Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Accompanied by a captivating photo, she expressed her excitement at being back in beautiful Brazil and playfully referenced the popular television series, Ted Lasso. “Attempting our best Ted Lasso at the legendary Maracanã. I’m so happy to be back in beautiful Brazil I’m so happy to be back in beautiful Brazil,” Malala captioned the post.

The Instagram post showed Malala and Asser channelling their inner Lasso, the fictional American football coach who brings his charismatic energy to a British soccer team. In the photo, the couple posed as if they were in a post-game press conference, with Malala standing behind a podium while Asser sat beside her, ready to ask a question.

Amid the playful atmosphere, Asser humorously quizzed Malala, asking, “Where did you find such an amazing husband?” While initially looking a bit flustered by the question, in a light-hearted response, the activist jokingly deflected the question, playfully replying, “Next question.”

The Maracanã Stadium, with its illustrious history and grandeur, provided the perfect backdrop for the couple’s playful tribute to Brazil’s rich sporting culture. As one of the most iconic soccer stadiums in the world, Maracanã has witnessed numerous historic moments and unforgettable matches, including hosting the FIFA World Cup finals and the Olympic Games.

Malala’s visit to Brazil not only highlighted her appreciation for the country’s beauty but also showcased her ability to embrace moments of joy and fun amidst her serious advocacy work. Throughout her journey, she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to education, gender equality, and empowerment.

Moreover, the couple’s visit to the Maracanã Stadium serves as a reminder that even in the midst of their important global endeavours, they can find moments of lightheartedness and connection.

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