Welcome back Mahira: Internet lauds star’s ‘phenomenal, poignant’ comeback ‘Razia’


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Mahira Khan recently made a glorious television comeback with Express Entertainment’s Razia. With the subject matter and tonality already setting the show apart since the release of the initial sneak peeks, the internet is now brimming with confirmation about the show’s excellence.

“It felt good to see you back,” said one X (formerly Twitter) user, sharing scenes from the show alongside. Another X user shared a video snippet, stating alongside, “This is why Mahira Khan is a superstar. The hold she has over her audience, her dialogue delivery, and her expressions: wonderful. She is the highlight of Razia as the uplifting narrator of a grim, realistic story.”

Another X user extended the praise beyond Mahira as well. “Amazing! Feeling short of words to praise Razia,” they began. “Mahira is already phenomenal, but I am amazed by the acting of the little boy and girl playing Mannu and Razia,” they concluded, lauding the child stars who are a part of the show as well.

Love also poured in from across the border. “Loved watching the first episode of Razia,” said a fan from India. “This is going out to be a blockbuster. What a meaningful script with a powerful message to the whole world. Only Mahira can deliver on such a topic…So much love from India.” The show, undoubtedly, has transcended borders with its compelling art and gripping thematic elements.

One X user highlighted, “Loved Razia the way it’s narrated by Mahira. What a performance. You stole the show single-handedly. The first episode hit hard. It’s not always glamour, heroes, vulgarity, or big budgets that pull the crowd. It’s content that pulls you like a magnet. It’s the proof, right here.” Another shared, “What a spectacular episode of Razia. Giving us a lot to think about without getting heavy on the nerves. Everything is 10 on 10. Cast, storytelling, bold dialogues and obviously, Mahira Khan. Even though comic dialogues kept it fun most of the time, but this scene gave me goosebumps.” The X user shared a clip of Mahira as the narrator discussing female infanticide.

Yet another user of the microblogging site said, “Brilliant, brilliant and just brilliant. Powerful, well-written and well-executed. Mahira is just phenomenal as the narrator! Her body language, her sass and her energy are [top-notch]! Mohib and Momal killed it! And the camera work – fantastic! This is going to be a good watch!” One user said, “Talk about a jaw-dropping first episode. Such an epic episode, it’s unreal and beyond incredible! Welcome back, Mahira!”

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