“We are far from our country but our hearts remain in Pakistan,” Mr. P. Anthony


On the occasion of Independence Day of Pakistan , the Urdu Community of St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Sharjah organized a Holy Mass and a program in honor of their beloved homeland, Pakistan and had prayed for the development, prosperity and security of Pakistan. 

This initiative of gathering faithful on zoom was not limited to Dubai Urdu congregation, but people from St. Peter’s and Paul’s Church of Oman and other Gulf countries and territories also joined the Dubai hosted program.   

In addition to the program, a Holy Mass and worship was also arranged on zoom from Pakistan, in which Rev. Father Afzal (OFM Cap) celebrated the Eucharist, prayed for the affluence of Pakistan and he also acknowledged the efforts and love of the entire congregation of Gulf for arranging such a wonderful program.  

At the end of the service, Mr. Charles Lazarus highlighted the role of Christian Heroes in building Pakistan who served the country by martyrdom and becoming Ghazi during wars and in other fields at the service of Pakistani nation.   

The role of choir, children and all the Participants was marvelous they all sang national songs, remembered the country and their loved ones.   

Mr. Philip Anthony from UAE (President St. Michael’s Church Sharjah – Urdu Community), Mr. Charles Lazarus, Mr. Javed Jude, Mr. Imran Gill, Mrs. Mumtaz Kashif, Mr. Peter Khokhar, Mr. Andreas and Mr. Afzal from Muscat Oman played an important role in organizing this event.  

In his comments, Mr. Philip Anthony had said that this act of the entire community living in Gulf reveals their love and concern for their country which will never be forgotten, “We are far but our hearts still remain in the country.”    

His Grace Dr. Joseph Arshad Archbishop of Islamabad-Pindi Diocese, Chairman Central Commission for Social Coordination (Pakistan) granted special pastoral blessings and extended his best wishes and prayers for all the Pakistanis living abroad and especially to people in Gulf countries.

The Archbishop also said that he is very happy for them that even living far from their country but they all are united and celebrating the Independence Day, and praying for the prosperity of the Pakistan and their nation.  

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