Villages of Gadop deprive from Fundamental facilities


Many villages of Thado Dam Gadop have been deprived from fundamental facilities like water, health, education, electricity, gas, sanitation, sewerage, roads and backed streets from a long ago including Nosherwan Goondar, Rozi Goondar, Parpio Goondar, Hayat Goondar, Mir Khan Goondar, Anar, Rabo Goondar, Bedi Goondar, Imam Bukhsh Goondar and others where residents have been suffering from many issues and their life has become like inferno, villagers are mentally disturbed.

In this regards villagers Khuda Bukhsh Goondar, Fazal Din Goondar, Ali Nawaz, Nasir Ahmed Goondar and others talked with journalists and told them about their troubles and how they are surviving their life without fundamental rights and amenities.They said that they are living stone age life in modern world where there is a race in technology and other progressive activities instead of that their villages and villager are deprived from all basic requisitions.They said that every tenure of election they are promised regarding their basic requirements but after election their are left as they were before,  elected representatives adopt distinct behavior with them.

They further said that no Water, Electricity, Gas, Maternity home, Parks, hospitals or dispensary schemes have not been provided to them yet, the complaints of villagers have not been heard yet and administration does not respond them well.

More over they said that they have decided not to vote in next election before the end of their fundamental issues and planned to raise their villages issues publicly beginning protest movement.

They have warned Malir Administration and said that if their issues are not resolved and requisitions are not provided within some time then they will have only a way to start protest movement against them.

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