Villagers bursted out against Bahria Town administration’s ruthlessness


Residents of Dad Muhammad Goondar village named Amir Gul Goondar, Wahid Bukhsh Goondar and others had emergency press conference at Awami Press Club Malir and spoke that their village situated since 1912 and consist on 112 acres which are congenital on which more than 100 houses are built up, village contains more than 400 hundreds population and ancestors graves, pastures, stream nala are essential for life.

They told that Bahria Town administration has started raiding on their oldest village, Behria Town administration personnel attack with Bulldozers, Tractors and other type of machines and raze houses with the support of local police and try to possess on surveyed number 11 forcibly against them villagers women and girls have been resisting in the absence of men.

They further said that Behria Town administration has got registered 4 cases against village honorable Ameer Gul Goondar at Gadop Police Station also residents Essa, Yousuf, Din Muhammad, Mor, Wahid Bukhsh are prosecuted who have become exhausted moving court.
They accused on Behria Town’s personnel captain Zahid and said that he called us in his office for negotiation and then showed 6 corer rupees and pressured to take money and donot mention any one which we rejected to take and told him that we understand land a mother like Dada Faizo Gabol, so mother is not sold, after which Behria Town’s activities became faster and perilous.

More over they said that their lives, reverences and villages are under danger.

They told that Behria Town administration’s view point is that all Gadop lands are handed over to them by Supreme Court, President of Pakistan and Chief of Army Staff, who ever will not sell or leave his land for Behria Town and migrate from here will bear hardships.

They announced that Supreme Court, President of Pakistan and Chief of Army should bind him till his legal lands and desist him from attacking on oldest and legal villages also stop him not to have false and fabricated cases on them otherwise villagers will start movement in which long march, protesting demonstrations, hunger strike and other democratic patterns will be under observation.

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