Uncovering Iron: The Genesis of an Essential Material


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Iron, in materiality traces its elemental origin back to the post-Big-Bang phase, after which it began to play a pivotal role in the Universe, undoubtedly becoming the most supreme constituents towards the developmental era in terms of its vitality and significance for life and existence.

The beginning of iron is one of the most incomprehensible process unfathomable by the human brain, as per its scientific as well as its logical justifications.

It is believed that gigantic pieces of rock travelling as asteroids in the space had broken apart of our solar system from time to time, causing collisions with other asteroids to form smaller meteorite that entered earth’s atmosphere in an ablaze form, but not getting burnt in the process, thereby bringing in iron to the earth’s crust, which basically houses about 5% of Iron, with majority of Molten Iron present in the earth’s core.

The inception of commercial use of the element began during the Iron Age in south-central Asia, where people realized the relevance as well as significance of the material with life, slowly replacing the metal, bronze, as iron, when mixed with carbon, is more tensile and durable than bronze.

Thereon, Iron has been used in weaponry, development, construction, and collectively towards the evolution and progression of human life and development.

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