Transfer of PSP Officers without consultation demoralized Police Force ; IG Sindh


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Dr. Kaleem Imam Inspector General of Sindh Police shared his reservations with Chief Secretary regarding the recent transfer of PSP Officers by Sindh Government without his consultation.

In a letter No. 14950/E-I/Karachi, which sent to the Chief Secretary Sindh on 10th December 2019 by IG Sindh Police, Mr. Imam stated that the services of the Officers of Police Service in Pakistan Khadim Hussain Rind and Dr. Rizwan Ahmed were surrendered by the Services & general Administration Department without discussing from his office.

It was written on the said letter that, Mr. Khadim Hussain Rind was supervising extremely important matters of Police Establishment including recruitment against vacant positions, promotions in upper subordinate ranks and implementation of career and rotation plans in Sindh Police.

Whereas it was also shared in the letter that, Dr. Rizwan Ahmed was serving as District Superintendent of Shikarpur and he was involved in leading well planned operations against dacoit gangs and was also working on very useful clues relate to the recent incidents of Killings of Police Officers by notorious dacoits in Katcha areas.

Inspector General Sindh claimed in a letter that the sudden and unplanned surrender of these officers came as a surprise and has not only affected policing working but has created an environment of uncertainty among police officers.

“The said decisions have demoralized police force and have undermined the command of the Inspector General”, it added.

However IG Sindh had also informed Chief Secretary in a letter that, Despite Being head of the department came to know about these transfers through media reports.

Top Police Official also drew the attention of Chief Secretary by coding judgment of Sindh High Court, it which the said court in its judgment on 7th September 2017 at paras 101 (h) and 101 (i) ruled that “The Inspector General must have independent control over insofar as postings and transfers are concerned, thus putting an end to all kind of external influence”.

Similarly, In a letter Kaleem Imam had shared that the Honorable Supreme Court upheld the judgment and ruled that “On the foregoing analysis, we affirm the impugned judgment by the learned High Court in particular with reference to the autonomy of command and independence of operation of the Police force”.

In addition he also gave reference of Police Act 2019, which makes consultation with the Inspector General of Police mandatory in decisions related to transfer and postings of police officers.

Further, He urged Chief Secretary to respect the spirit of the judgments and the law and let the office of Inspector General play its due role in all decisions related to transfer and postings of the Police Officers serving in Sindh Police.

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