TLP holds protest over civic issues in Baldia Town


Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan district west hold a peaceful protest at hub river road over sewerage an garbage issues in Balida town, the member of Provincial Assembly Sindh elected from PS 115 Mufti Qasim Fakhri lead the protest on Sunday.While protesting the residence blocked the both roads which has effected the flow of traffic.

Addressing to the protesting people he said whole Baldia town including main hub river road has been turned into garbage’s  burning station which is an only negligence of Sindh Solid Waste Management Board. 

Several roads and streets of different localities of the city are heavily littered with garbage and filthy material, creating ugly scene and unhygienic conditions. The residents of the affected localities complained that since the sanitary staff had developed the habit of torching garbage they seldom bothered to dispose of it on a regular basis. Whenever garbage is put on fire, the environment of our localities get suffocated, forcing them to close their doors and windows. 

The concerned authorities must take action against the staff of Sindh Solid waste management board district west who are not performing scheduled duties accordingly. People residing near the main hub river road complained that on the one hand garbage often keep on trickling down from two dustbins which are placed near bus stop on the other sewage water often gushing out from choked gutters often remain stagnant on the nearby street. Mentioning the complaints they lodged (Residents) with the concerned officials of UCs have so far remain unheeded. 

He added that it seemed that  the senior officials of the SSWMB and KW&SB were least interested in resolving the sewage and removing of  garbage from the roads and streets of Baldia Town.Moreover, people residing on either side complained that a stinking atmosphere often prevailed in their area, mainly because the remained garbage and filthy material was not cleaned for weeks by the sanitary staff. 

The officers of police department including SP Baldia Rao Aslam,DSP,SHO’s  were also present at venue to tackle any anti peace activity after that they had dialogues with MPA and residence to clear the roads for smooth traffic.The MPA announced a seven days ultimatum to resolve the existing sewage and garbage and urged to Minister for local government to take prompt action against the negligence of SSWMB,KW&SB,DMC,KMC for not controlling the increasing issues.

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