Three Injured in firing incident at Solangi Stop near Memon Village


Unknown armed men fired suddenly on 3 person at Solangi Stop when they were going in the car towards super highway here on yesterday.

Area’s people gathered on hearing fire shots and reported Memon Village Police Station by phone.
Police approached at the incident place and sent injured towards Jinnah Hospital after legal inquiry.

In the consequence of firing Irfan Memon, Shahmir Khaskheli, Nisar Khaskheli, Haroon Khaskheli became seriously injured. Equipped men easily took lac cash away from them and ran away easily.

In this respect injured Irfan Memon’s father in-law Ali Muhammad Memon told that Memon village’s condition regarding peace has become worst even robbery incidents at houses and shops have become usual. He said that today unknown suspects have severely injured his son in law and his friends.

He appealed IG Sindh that Memon village police has been failure to create peace in area therefore change the SHO immediately and appoint an honest SHO in place him.

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