They’re quite similar: Sania Mirza on differences in Pakistani and Indian dishes


In an exclusive interview with Curly Tales Middle East, former professional tennis player Sania Mirza provided a glimpse into her home kitchen, shedding light on the culinary preferences that resonate within her multicultural household. From discussing the influence of her son’s taste buds to discerning the nuances between Indian and Pakistani cuisines, Mirza shared intriguing insights into her family’s dining habits.

When queried about the prevalent cuisine at her home, particularly the choice between Hindustani and Pakistani dishes, Mirza remarked that both styles were quite similar. However, she revealed a prominent presence of dosas in their meals, primarily because her son, Izhaan, holds a penchant for them. Despite their diverse cultural backgrounds, the family tends to focus on a diet-conscious menu, emphasising grilled options, revealed Mirza.

“They’re both quite similar,” she said whilst answering the question, “but we have a lot of dosas at home because Izhaan loves dosas. And normally, we are all on a diet so it’s not like always – like the food is made for the people who come from outside and for Izhaan. We are – I’m on a grilled this diet, grilled that diet.”


Addressing the subtle differences between Indian and Pakistani cuisines, Mirza acknowledged that while the dishes might share similarities, there exists a discernible variance in taste. According to the tennis sensation, individuals from both countries can usually pinpoint whether a dish is of Indian or Pakistani origin, highlighting the unique culinary signatures that define each. “The dishes are the same. The taste is a little different. We can tell. I think Indians and Pakistanis can tell that this is Pakistani food and this is Indian food,” she explained.

Mirza candidly admitted that her culinary skills are limited, confessing, “Nothing, because I don’t know how to cook.” She humorously added that her expertise extends to making eggs, although her son isn’t particularly fond of them. Despite lacking prowess in the kitchen, Mirza’s straightforward acknowledgement of her cooking forte added a hilariously human touch to her celebrity persona.

In a delightful moment of culinary preference, Mirza was posed with the delicious dilemma of choosing between shawarma and biryani. Without hesitation, she unequivocally opted for biryani, showcasing a clear affinity for the rich and flavorful South Asian rice dish.

Mirza’s revelations about her family’s culinary choices, diet-conscious approach, and personal cooking quirks provide a refreshing glimpse into the life of the tennis star beyond the courts. Her candid responses offer a relatable touch, resonating with individuals who navigate the delicate balance of cultural influences in their own kitchens.

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