The ultimate crossover: When Meera dined with Shah Rukh Khan


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Irtiza Rubab, better known by her stage name Meera, is a Pakistani actor who needs no introduction. While paving the path for her career in Lollywood starting in 1995, the acclaimed actor made the move towards Bollywood in 2005 with the Indian thriller film Nazar.

However, it seems over the years, Bollywood did not just introduce her to a wide-spanning career but also some notable names in the Bollywood industry – namely Shah Rukh Khan himself.

In a recent television talk show appearance, Meera sat down on Public Demand with Mohsin Abbas Haider, where she revealed a crossover that would undoubtedly send Shah Rukh Khan fans into a frenzy, revelling that the two actors had crossed paths on not one but multiple occasions.

The first such instance is narrated to be when the Nazar actor first flew to London to shoot her debut Bollywood film, while the second such encounter was over dinner with other popular names like Rani Mukerji, Dilip Kumar, Shatrughan Sinha, among others.

However, it seems that the actor’s following encounters with King Khan were the ultimate crossover events as she attended a birthday celebration for Abhishek Bachchan where Meera reminisced, “Abhishek fed me cake; we talked for a long time with Amitabh [Bachchan] sahib.”

Another encounter was at the invitation of Sanjay Dutt himself, who personally requested the Baaji actor’s presence at a Tsunami relief event over a phone call.

A concert of Indian and Pakistani stars alike, the event was held in 2005 to raise funds for the victims that had hit the Indian Ocean and was attended by other popular artists known such as Moammar Rana, Rafaqat Ali Khan, and the band Strings, as Meera recalled.

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