The hesitancy of getting COVID-19 vaccine in Pakistan


By: Abdul Rauf Mugheri

The hesitancy  among Pakistani community has been on rise regarding induction of COVID-19 vaccination, the identified hazards about hesitancy of getting prevented from the virus is  limited educational background  and  ignorance of facts.

They are having  stereotyping  thoughts regarding goodwill gesture of respected donors due to  lack of understanding  about  prolong  progress  and  effectivity  of  horrified characteristics of existing virus within the country.

The country is already facing big  burden of disease with dealing multidimensional  prevention and control programs within the country, for controlling fake adverse effects by assuming  general symptoms after  vaccination the national media and Muslim scholars  could educate the nation  about the prevention and control  program of COVID- 19 that would minimize the hesitancy  of getting vaccinated.

The health care facilitators should have to  take care of dealing with after vaccination affects  that should gone through professional process to identify the scientific errors or pathological changes within the human body.

Its matter of fact that having  COVID- 19 vaccination within short period of time and limited clinical trials would make the mind  to think about vaccine effectively  and its adversity, the scientific  studies among the health care professionals along with NCOC  should publish the informative opinion for normalizing hesitancy to eradicate the misleading claims within the society.

The history of vaccinated peoples with sharing his or her ideas after vaccination  should have to be shared on departmental portal that will boost the morale of those people who are hesitating to be vaccinated.

The competent authorities should deal this matter aggressively by using governmental rescores to prevent misunderstanding about induction  of COVID-19 vaccine.

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