Teachers and Students of GBPS Pipri Village hold Eid Milad-u-Nabi Ceremony


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Karachi: Ceremony held regarding Eid Milad-u-Nabi SAW at GBPS Pipri Village here on yesterday where Assistant Director of Education Sanaullah Jokhio attended as chief guest along with Deputy District Officers Abdul Hameed Memon, District Education Officer (Female) Muhammad Bukhsh Balouch, Town Education officer (Female) Gul Muhammad Khaskheli, PT Alif Malir President Muhammad Rafiq Khaskheli and others teachers and students in a great number.

Head master GBPS Pipri Village Abdul Aleem Balouch and social leader Ghulam Nabi Hamaity welcomed guests in the ceremony warmly. Ceremony started with the great name of Almighty Allah and then Naat Khuwan recited naats in the praise of holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and heartily impressed the whole ceremony.
On that occasion school students Faheem Ahmed, Ahmed Zahid, Ghulam Mustafa and others took part in speechs and utilized gentle words speaking over the sacrifices and in the glory of Hazarat Muhammad (PBUH).

Chief guest Sanaullah Jokhio said addressing ceremony that holy prophet Hazarat Muhammad (PBUH) was bestowed as a blessing for the whole mankind who destroyed the system of tyranny and cruelty and founded Islamic system in Medina. He said listeners that they are very fortunate who are celebrating the day of Eid-e- Milad because Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him told people about the oneness of God and preached them to ask from Allah what ever they ask and worship him because he is only able for worship.

He added more that every muslim should learn the lesson from the life of holy prophet about which Allah has said in holy book Quran that the life prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a great example.
At the end of ceremony HM Abdul Aleem Brohi thanked all guests with praising words.

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