Talks about partition of District Malir not true:Raja Razzaq Balouch


PPP Senior Leader MPA Raja Abdul Razzaq visited Awami Press Club Malir and met with journalists here on yesterday, he expressed his point of view and said that talks about the distribution of District Malir before national and local government elections, end of district council Karachi are not true but talks about some civil areas merging into DMC are under discussion.

He said that Sindh Government provided 1 billion and 80 corer rupees as a Malir package from 2013 to 2018 which was distributed amongst Malir representatives so they gave different schemes in their areas but there are abundance of issues in district’s rural areas against them resources are few that’s why still many issues are unsolved.

He further said that District Malir is a forte of PPP where people respected party and got elected PPP candidates but in present scenario population of district is increasing frequently and it is cleared that after 10 years it will be hard for PPP candidates to win election if they cannot deliver well.

MPA Raja Abdul Razzaq Balouch said that Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto gave significance to District Malir especially and got established Port Qasim and Steel Mill national department also provided employments to Malir residents and provided gas, electricity, water and road network to connect rural areas with city including education and health departments.

More over he said that people are not made aware politically, mentally and there is no particular way of political worker’s training in all parties that’s why there is shortage of ideological leadership and just culture of slogans is developed into all parties.

Against the questions of illegal confiscation on Malir villages, no lease and establishing fake villages he answered that good and bad people are in all parties who join the party having their personal purposes and get themselves indulged in land grabbing and plotting so inquiry is under process against them inquiry, there is also a shortage of water for agriculture lands, costliness is on the top, shortage of electricity and other facilities.

He said that whenever builder mafia proffer to land owners billions rupees for their lands then they do not wait to sell their land.

MPA Raja Abdul Razzaq called Malir residents to save their future and secure properties, houses, graveyards and others things also be united to raise voices against injustices.

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