Takes hard work to create a show: Behroze Sabzwari chides critics, friends discussing dramas


Seasoned actor Behroze Sabzwari recently spoke about his son, actor Shahroz Sabzwari whilst on a show for a local television network. Highlighting how, should one have a child, it should be like Shahroz, the veteran star also spoke about the moment his son was born, what it’s like to have grandchildren, and how criticism on shows is unfair, especially from industry insiders, who know what it takes to create an entire offering and put it out there for public consumption. 

Recalling the moment the nurse handed him Shahroz after his birth, the actor said, “When I held him, what a feeling it was,” he said, seemingly overwhelmed as he recalled the incident. “I remembered when elders would say that you can love your sister’s, brother’s, and others’ children immensely, but when you hold your own children, that will be a completely different story. And when that story completely flips, when you hold your child’s child – God is great!”

When asked which moment he would rate higher between Shahroz’s birth and the birth of his grandchildren, Behroze said, “We were quite young when Shahroz was born,” he responded with a laugh. “We had no idea. Then we realised the [vitality of] children. And when Nooreh [was born]…Oh my God…What could be a bigger blessing than that?”

Whilst sharing the guests’ seat with actor Khaled Anum, Behroze also spoke about the hard work involved in the creation of a show. “It takes a lot of hard work to create a drama or serial,” he began. “It’s not so easy, like one channel which showcases a program where women discuss dramas, some are our friends as well. I am apologetic towards that channel and those women, but who are you to say it should be like this or that? It’s not fair. Because you know the hard work that goes into it.”

Khaled interjected, “Should anyone else say it, we would have minded if they didn’t know the work. But we come to the set ourselves; we know the blood and sweat that goes into earning our bread. For them to say, it would be like if you tell a host that you were not sitting properly…You know what the tension is like.” To this, Behroze added, “It’s very hard work.”

Behroze also spoke about Nadia Khan. “She was a huge morning show anchor, but, in every morning show, she was around for six, seven years, she would simply ridicule her guests.” However, both Khaled and Behroze lauded Rubina Ashraf and Marina Khan for their work. “I don’t think it’s justified to ridicule your own fraternity, due to which you have a name, have money. The fraternity and channels that are nurturing you,” added Behroze.

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