Surrendering to terrorists not an option, says PM Kakar


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Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar on Wednesday asserted that under no circumstances would the country consider surrendering to terrorists as he renewed Pakistan’s resolve to continue its fight against extremism.

The interim premier’s remarks come in the context of a skirmish with terrorists in the Asman Manza area of South Waziristan district where the military’s media wing had confirmed that at least six soldiers were martyred.

“Ten of our soldiers have been martyred in Waziristan,” said Kakar during a press conference in Karachi, “for those who think we will suffer from war fatigue better remove such misconceptions from their minds. Under no circumstances will Pakistan surrender in front of radicalism, extremism [and] intolerance.”

“To surrender is not an option,” he stressed. “We will fight, no matter what.”

“We cannot back off […], this is home and we are here to stay and we will run our household as we please,” he added.

“Those who have misconceptions that such attacks will tire us should know that we will never forget our martyrs or their sacrifices and won’t refrain from such sacrifices in the future,” said Kakar, “We will pursue them.”

The PM went on the underscore that the country was continuing its fight against terrorism as a financially independent country and not “on someone else’s donations”.

He also said that all those who were serving the country against “internal challenges” or “combatting external aggression” were paid not monetarily but through respect. “The nation is and will continue to pay them through honour and respect.”

He prayed that the “misguided” may find guidance through the mercy of Allah but said that “we will continue to fight them should they not repent”. He stressed that the terrorists would be dealt with in accordance with “the principles granted by God, the laws of the country and our resolve for justice [Azm-e-Haq]”.

PM vows to address business community problems

The premier assured to try and address the problems faced by the business community including those relating to power and gas.

Speaking to the prominent entrepreneurs in Karachi, he acknowledged the contributions of the business community, saying they are the engine of the economy and agents of economic sustenance.

The prime minister said that given our limited mandate with regard to assisting the electoral process, we will try to do whatever is possible to facilitate the business community.

Kakar asked the entrepreneurs to give practical suggestions for the revival of the economy. He said a mechanism will be designed after consultations with the entrepreneurs for feasible actions that the caretaker government can undertake in its brief period and if possible, the interim set-up will also leave a blueprint for the incoming government. He said our aim is to move towards a smooth transition.

The interim prime minister said it is through collective efforts we can embark upon the journey of transforming and improving the country’s economy. He was confident that the government will transform and bring positive change together.

Kakar said the government’s responsibility is to facilitate the business community and then collect taxes from them so that these could be spent for the uplift of deprived segments of society. He also asked the business community to embrace best business practices for better branding of Pakistan in the outside world.

He also recognised the fact that industrialisation is not possible without ensuring the supply of consistent cheap energy and added that Pakistan is blessed with immense natural resources and there is no need for despondency.

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