SUP stages Protest against SHO and Head Mohrar Of Shah Lateef Police Station


Sindh United Party(SUP) held protest demonstration against newly appointed SHO and Head Mohrar of PS Shah Lateef on the arrest of poor workers and morally supporting journalist of Awami Press Club Malir Shahzado Mastoi without any offense and fault at Razzaq Abad here on yesterday.

Sindh United Party workers, journalists participated the protest into a great number which was led by Asghar Khoso, Faiz Heesbani, Rahim Mastoi, Iqbal Kalmaty and other.  Protesters raised stern slogans against SHO Shah Lateef and Head Mohrar Muhammad Khan Abro holding banners and play cards in their hands.

On that occasion protesters talked with journalists and said that police rule is situated everywhere in Malir District due to the silence of elected representatives and sluggishness of Human rights Organizations. They told that newly appointed SHO and Head Mohrar of PS Shah Lateef have disturbed the life of poor labourers and have made it hobby of capturing labourers engaged in construction work and releasing them after talking much enough bribes.

They further told that few days before Head Mohrar of PS Shah Lateef arrested 2 poor masons without any cause then journalist Shahzado Mastoi appealed them morally to release poor labourers and arrest place owners instead of them but Head Mohrar Muhammad Khan Abro felt that his insult and called journalist at police station so as Shahzado Mastoi approached PS Shah Lateef he was locked up and his name was booked in fraudulent and bogus FIR.

Demonstrators demand from IG Sindh, ADIG Karachi and SSP Malir to have quick action against SHO and Head Mohrar PS Shah Lateef and dismiss them due to the misuse of their privileges.

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