Special day copied blatantly: Saboor Aly upset over Iqra Aziz’s bridal look for recent show


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In an absurd turn of events, popular actor Iqra Aziz has found herself at the centre of a brewing controversy after reportedly wearing Saboor Aly’s wedding outfit for her latest show, Mannat Murad. The revelation came to light when Saboor took to her Instagram Story to share her sentiments about the incident, expressing disappointment over what she perceives as a blatant copy of her most cherished memories.

Sharing a report by a local publication on her Instagram Story that placed her and Iqra’s looks side-by-side, the star expressed her disappointment, saying, “And how am I supposed to feel about this? My moment, my memories, my sentiments, my vision, and my look for the most special day of my life. My heart was put into every little detail of my entire look. However, there’s a difference between being inspired and copying. Special day copied blatantly.”

Saboor, who tied the knot early last year, donned a stunning gold ensemble on her wedding day, radiating elegance and grace. The bride chose a traditional gharara with a green and red border, paired with a matching dupatta pinned over her head in the classic bridal style. Her accessories included a meticulously selected choker and maala set, complemented by a jhoomar and teeka. Opting for soft makeup, Saboor showcased brown eyes and a red lip, creating a timeless look suitable for a daytime ceremony.

The groom donned a white kurta pajama, along with a matching shawl and turban. Videos of the couple on their big day surfaced online soon after the event, with Saboor overwhelmed to the point of tears and Ali Ansari consoling her.

As the matter continues to unfold on social media platforms, it remains to be seen whether this controversy will impact the viewership and reception of Mannat Murad, or whether Iqra will respond. The incident serves as a reminder of the fine line between artistic inspiration and the imitation of deeply personal moments, leaving fans and industry insiders pondering the boundaries of creative expression in the world of entertainment.

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