Sindh & Punjab Governors visit flood-affected areas of District Badin


Governor Punjab, Choudhry Sarwar, and Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail have visited flood-affected areas of district Badin on Wednesday.

They met with flood affected families and inquired their problems and issues and also distributed the ration bags.

Governor Punjab, Choudhry Sarwar also announced on the occasion that in collaboration with non-governmental organizations and different philanthropists, the small loans amounting of fifty thousand to lac would be provided to ten thousands families without the interest amount when ration bags to be distributed among the lac flood affected families of district Badin.

During the visit, Governor Sindh and Punjab have also met with flood affected families at area of Khan Sahib Mehal, Tando Bago and Lakha Dino Shaheed School, near Golarchi road Badin and distributed the ration bags and other material among the flood affected families.

Furthermore, Governor Punjab and Sindh also visited Ghuni Phuleli drain along with MPA, Barrister Hasnain Mirza and visited the weaken areas of embankment of Phuleli.

Governor Punjab while talking with media said that Federal Government and provincial Government have to devise the plan to cope up the natural disasters and devise an effective planning to reduce the losses and impacts of the disasters on long term basis.

Mr. Sarwar said that Prime minister Pakistan, Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) has fully aware of the issues and challenges of the people of Sindh, however he is visting the capital city of province Sindh, Karachi city soon and with consultation of all key stakeholders, he would resolve the public faced problems on the long term basis.

He said that the people of Sindh are our brethren and people of Punjab province would never leave them alone in their irony days and stand with them at every time.

He said with support of Non- Governmental Organizations and different philanthropists, the ration bags would be distributed among a lac flood affected families and small loan without any interest of 50 thousands to one lac to be provided to flood affected families for reconstruction of their damaged muddy houses.

Governor Punjab said that it was great honor to the people of Badin that their elected member of National Assembly, Dr. Fehmida Mirza was ever in the history of Pakistan, was selected as Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan and became the identity of people of Badin around the world.

On the occasion, Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail deplored that despite budget of billions, the de-silting and de-weeding of the canals and drains was not being done properly that’s why Sindh province is facing such type critical condition today.

He said that Karachi was badly affected by the heavy downpour when Badin was affected by the heavy rainfall showers along with different small and large breaches of LBOD and other sub-drains of the district adding that Federal Minister and MNA Dr. Fehmida Mirza and MPA Hasnain Mirza also apprised the prime minister of Pakistan regarding the losses and damages of flood 2020 in district Badin and Federal Government would devise the plan to redress the losses and damages of flood-affected families of district Badin.

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