Sindh NGOs form Sayana Press to improve reproductive health



Hyderabad: The Peace Foundation Pakistan has taken a significant step forward in its mission with the formation of a strategic partnership for the promotion of Sayana Press in the province of Sindh.

This crucial initiative brought together fourteen prominent organizations from Sindh, united in their commitment to improve access to reproductive health services through the widespread adoption of Sayana Press.

The gathering commenced in Hyderabad with a welcome note. Dr. Tahira Bilal took the floor to deliver a comprehensive presentation on Sayana Press.

Dr. Tahira, with a blend of expertise and passion, shared the benefits, mechanism of action, and the critical role Sayana Press plays in ensuring reproductive health rights for women. Her presentation was not merely informative but also inspirational, as she highlighted the profound impact Sayana Press could have on communities across Sindh.

Through clear visuals and engaging narratives, Dr. Bilal painted a vivid picture of a future where women have autonomy over their reproductive choices, leading to healthier families and communities.

Following Dr. Bilal’s presentation, Mr. Shoukat Ali Sathio stepped forward to shed light on the current landscape of Sayana Press implementation in Sindh. Drawing from the collective efforts of RIZ Consulting and other national organizations, Mr. Sathio provided an insightful overview of the progress made thus far. His presentation wove together statistics, success stories, and challenges faced on the ground, offering a nuanced understanding of the path ahead.

Mr. Muhammad Aslam from the Peace Foundation shared the importance and need for the Partnership for Sayana Press. He responded to questions and collected valuable suggestions for the strategic Partnership. He further described that the partnership aims to not only raise awareness about Sayana Press but also to ensure its accessibility in even the most remote areas of Sindh.

In the spirit of collaboration, the fourteen participating organizations committed to pooling their resources, sharing best practices, and coordinating outreach efforts.

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