Sindh Govt gets Rs41.259bn installment in Bahria Town case


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Karachi : In the first phase Sindh government received 41 billion 25 crore 94 lakh rupees of bahria town ,this amount has been transferred to the accounts of the Sindh government on the order of Supreme Court. Bahria town have to submit 460 billion rupees in 7 years, so far 65 billion rupees have been deposited in the Supreme Court.  

According to the information received in this context, the first installment of Bahria Town has been released to the government of Sindh, a total of 41 billion 25 crores 94 lakh rupees have been deposited in the account of the Sindh government.

The Supreme Court had ordered to pay 460 billion rupees as its price and asked to pay this amount , after which the administration of Bahria Town was not depositing this amount for many years, on which the Sindh government filed an application in the Supreme Court, on which the Supreme Court ordered the payment of installments on November 23, 2023, after which the amount has been released to the Sindh government in the first phase.

It should be noted that the Land Utilization Department had given 11068 acres of land to MDA for the purpose of building cheap houses for the poor, but instead of running this scheme, the members of the Malir Development Authority allotted the land to Bahria Town,

According to the sources of the Land Utilization Department this land was given to the MDA for 1 billion 66 crore 78 lakh rupees, so that the MDA can build cheap houses for the poor.

In this way, 3858 acres of land worth 43 crores 8 lakhs in village Bolhari, 5170 acres worth 61 crores 70 lakhs in village Langheji, 17 crores of 340 acres of land in village Konkar and 3 crores of 40 acres of land in village Karkaro. 50 lakhs were taken from MDA, which later gave the land to Bahria Town.

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