Sindh Government release RS 264 million for dogs control


Sectary Local Government Roshan Ali Shaikh on thursday said that Sindh Government has started a humane method of controlling the dog population in Sindh.

The Province will be the pioneer in adopting the most scientific and merciful method of controlling the street dogs problem.

Briefing about the details he told that the project includes vaccination of street dogs and leaving them back in their habitat and areas.

Along with this, dogs will also be trapped, neutered or sterilized and again released in their previous areas. He also informed that the project has already been approved by government of Sindh and RS 264 million already stand released for urgent implementation of the project.

Mr. Shaikh predicted that the project will successfully result in getting rid of 90% of the street dogs in next five years without resorting to killing of dogs that is cruel and inhumane a method.

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