Sindh, Balochistan want same-day elections: Ghani


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KARACHI: The Supreme Court may take decisions in line with the Constitution only, Sindh Labour Minister Saeed Ghani said addressing a press conference on Thursday.

“The authority of the Supreme Court is not indefinite,” Ghani added stressing on the supremacy of the Parliament.

The minister said that the upcoming elections should be held on a single day across the country. He expressed concern that if any political party forms the government in Punjab, it may have significant consequences, as it could be equivalent to establishing a new unit. He also expressed concern about the current state of the country, citing that there is a “judicial martial law” in place, and the recent court decisions have caused political turbulence and crisis.

Ghani further stated that he disagrees with the Supreme Court’s suggestion that elections should be held in Punjab. He pointed out that the seats in the National Assembly of Punjab are crucial, and any party forming the government in Punjab could have a significant impact on the national elections. He argued that Balochistan and Sindh want the elections to be held on a single day across the country to avoid such scenarios.

When asked about the recent letter written by the Chief Justice to the Speaker National Assembly, Ghani stated that he had not read it. He added that if the Chief Justice indeed suggested that the Parliament should make good laws, it is wrong, as no one can dictate the Parliament. He hoped that the National Assembly speaker would respond to this letter.


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