Shehri CBE launched project Forging a Community for Green Living


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A launch event of the project “Forging a Community for Green Living” being executed by Shehri-Citizens for a Better Environment (CBE), with the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation was held at Karachi.

Amber Alibhai, General Secretary, Shehri-CBE welcomed the participants and said that the project objectives were in keeping with the mandate of the organization that talks about a greener and more sustainable environment for our coming generations.

Farhan Anwar, Project Coordinator, gave the background and context of the project that was placed in the understanding of climate change posing as an existential threat to humankind and said that for a change to happen, a shift in individual lifestyles towards a greener living has to initiate. Wajeeha Farooqi, Project Coordinator, provided an outline of the events to be carried out where consultative sessions will be held in the province of Sindh with key formal and non-formal stakeholders. She said that the main gathering would be a Day Long Consultative Session focusing on building awareness on ways to cultivate a green lifestyle, and to promote people and organizations working in the green economy. Knowledge products will also be prepared in the form of published content.

Miriam Kugele, Global Senior Manager, Environment and Sustainability AKU informed about the measures being taken by the AKDN/AKU to achieve their Net Zero Goals.

Naveed Ahmed Shaikh, Project Manager, SDG Support Unit, Government of Sindh appreciated the initiative of Shehri-CBE and extended his Unit’s full support in facilitating the project and making use of the knowledge products in the government’s policy formulation work.

Syed Azfar Hussain, Project Manager, National Incubation Center (NIC) Hyderabad Unit, informed that participants about the work being carried out on a national scale by NIC to incubate start-ups that include a large number of green startups. Angel Imdad, Founder/CEO, Inverde-Gogreen, informed about the work being done by her organization to promote the circular economy model by working with communities for recycling and reusing their wastes.

Dr.Sardar Sarfaraz, Chief Meteorologist, Pakistan Meteorological Department, provided extended details on changing weather and climatic patterns in Pakistan and resulting impacts in terms of occurrence of extreme weather events.

The presentations were followed by an interactive panel discussion where the participants engaged with the speakers and discussed issues such the role various stakeholders can play in moving this dialogue forward.

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