Sheesha contains cancer producing agents,Banned on Top Court Order; DG Tobacco Control Cell


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Sheesha (glass water pipe hookah) sale is prohibited in Pakistan on the orders of Apex Court,but the All Pakistan Café and Restaurant Association(APCRA) is campaigning for lifting of it’s ban, in its continuation they did a press conference today at Karachi Press Club, where its representatives warned for protest if the ban would not be lifted.

On the Other hand Tobacco Control Cell-TCC which is working under Federal Ministry of NHSR&C have a clear stance regarding ban on sheesha , whereas TCC have also initiated Smoke Free Cities Project which has already started in different cities of Pakistan and they are gradually extending its operations by establishing offices in all major cities of country.

It was learned that Dr. Minhaj us Siraj Director General Tobacco Control, Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination-NHSR&C in a video message stated, TCC have controlled the epidemic of Sheesha Smoking by great efforts, because it produce 10 to 12 Percent more Tar, Mono Oxide and Other Chemicals as compare to cigeratte, as well as its smoke is also dangerous for non-smokers.

Explaining the dangers of Sheesha Smoking he added, Scientific Studies proved that as compare to cigarettes Sheesha have 10 to 12 Percent more cancer producing agents. In Sheesha smoking user share pipe with others so it also spread communicable diseases like typhoid, hepatitis, TB and including others.

He also said, In 2016 when Supreme Court of Pakistan took Suo Moto Notice on tobacco epidemic, so in case number 11 of 2016 Supreme Court has clearly ordered to federal and provincial governments that excluding cigarettes , government have to ensure Strict ban on sheesha either it contain nicotine or not.

Moreover he informed ,In this context on October 2016 Ministry of commerce issued SRO 971 of 2016, in said SRO Sheesha included in banned items list of Import Policy Order. Which means that imports of all products related to sheesha ban in our country and its import is illegal and if any product available it was smuggled and Law Enforcement agencies have right to dispose off the said products.

Dr. Minhaj further shared that, There is a strict ban on Sheesha centers in Islamabad including five other cities of Punjab where Tobacco Control Cell smoke free project work is ongoing. However TCC aim is to save our youngsters’ lives from the worst effects of sheesha.

The representatives of All Pakistan Café and Restaurant Association(APCRA) on Friday in a press conference informed that the Government could generate 100 Million monthly revenue from Sheehsa sale.

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