Shah Lateef Police registers allegedly fabricated FIR against Journalist


PS Shah Lateef arrested two poor labourers namely Meeran Bukhsh S/O Khuda Bukhsh Jatoi, Shahid Ali S /O Muhammad Siddique Araeen during construction of  place at Amrot Colony Razzaq Abad yesterday morning in the meanwhile correspondent of Daily Bolan, Mehran and member of Awami Press Club Malir Shahzado Mastoi crossed them and had humble request to Muhammad Khan Abro a Head Mohrar of PS Shah Lateef police to set free those poor labourers to whom they had captured but Head Mohrar became indignant and locked up journalist Shahzado Mastoi forcibly, although SHO PS Shah Lateef booked him into bogus and fabricated FIR.

On the report journalists of Awami Press Club Malir approached at PS Shah Lateef and tried to inquire that why police had arrested him but SHO Shah Lateef Police Ubaidullah, Head Mohrar and Shah Lateef police gave no response and maltreated them even could not give FIR copy and threatened to see in court.

Awami Press Club Malir journalists held protest demonstration against police attitude and injustice happened with journalist Shahzado Mastoi including all Malir Journalists led by APCM president Ghulam Ali Goondar, GS Manzoor Solangi where journalists raised serious slogans against Head Mohrar and SHO PS Shah Lateef on their peculiar behavior and unfair occured with journalist of Awami Press Club Malir.

On that occasion Journalists said expressing pity on the attitude of PS Shah Lateef Police that police has arrested journalist Shahzado Mastoi without any offense and registered bogus and fabricated FIR against him and tried to demolish the character of him. They said that the villainy of Head Mohrar and SHO PS Shah Lateef will not be endured and neglected any how.

They further said that police is busy in the support of sand, gravel theives, drug dealers and criminal peoples one side and on the other hand active Journalist like Shahzado Mastoi raises a voice against police extortion and bribe than police reactes against and books him into fabricated and bogus case therefore whole Malir ‘s journalism community is on protest.

They demand from IG Sindh, ADIG Karachi SSP Malir to have quick notice of matter and act against Head Mohrar and SHO of PS Shah Lateef and dismiss the bogus FIR registered against Journalist Shahzado Mastoi.

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