Shagufta Ejaz breaks the silence on women’s reproductive health with her own update


Veteran Pakistani actor Shagufta Ejaz recently uploaded a vlog to her YouTube channel in which she shared details pertaining to her health with her fans and followers. In the vlog, the Mere Damad actor could be seen driving her car while recording herself talking about what she had learned at her most recent doctor’s appointment.

The Wabaal actor revealed that she had gone to her doctor to get an ultrasound and pap smear done and that the results had confirmed the presence of fibroids. “I went to get an ultrasound and pap smear done, and the results showed that there are fibroids,” said the Mushkil actor when sharing her health update.


However, her doctor reassured her and advised her to get an MRI test next to determine the size of the fibroids and the severity of the situation. She added that although the fibroids could not be treated, they could be removed through surgery if found to be dangerous. In the case that they were too small or few to cause any harm, the doctor suggested not doing anything at all.

“Dr Zaib said that there’s nothing to worry about. But he has said that I must get an MRI done to see the extent to which they are enlarged so we can do surgery or see how we need to treat them. Actually, they can’t be treated, but he said that if they are not bothering you, we can let them stay,” elaborated the Meray Qatil Meray Dildar actor on the state of her health condition and the possible medical measures or procedures she would have to take or go through.

In the vlog, the actor was documenting herself while on her way to Karachi’s Aga Khan Hospital and simultaneously sharing her health update with viewers. Upon reaching the hospital, she proceeded to get the MRI test done and resumed her vlog after, expressing her hope that the report would turn out fine.

Shagufta has more than half a million subscribers on her YouTube channel. The comments section under her vlog was flooded with comments from fans and followers expressing their love and sending prayers for her good health and quick recovery.

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