Senior Leader of PPP Mir Imran Jamali hosts a ceremony in honor of President SPSF


The former member of District Council Shaheed Benazir Abad and the PPP leader Mir Imran Ali Jamali hold a public gathering and ceremony in the honor of Mr.Masnsoor Shahani president of Sindh peoples students federation in Taluka Qazi Ahmad on 16 of November 2020.

The gathering was attended by Nadir Panhwar, Khalid Gul Laghari, Mahammad Jafar Jamali along, Ubaidullah Memon, Meraj Gopang Nawab Shahani, Ejaz Shahani, Mujtaba Shahani, Feroz Abrar Ali along with other officials and large numbers of members.

Speaking on the occasion, Mir Imran Ali Jamali thanked all the guests and representatives of the social sector for participating in the ceremony, he also welcomed the President of the PSF Sindh. While addressing the attendees, Mansoor Shahani said that Pakistan Peoples Party is the only political party that spokes of the rights of the people and gave them their rights, and assigned the unemployed jobs.

He said that the PTI government has failed, which will go back home soon. There is no policy for the poor and the unemployed peoples in Pakistan. The PTI government lies about the hiring of people and providing the job to the citizens of Pakistan are only false. He added that the recent elections held in Gilgit have been dominated by PTI, which Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has planned and struggled. He also said that Insha Allah Bilawal Bhutto Sahib would be the next Prime Minister.

A large number of PPP workers, officials of SPSF, and Peoples Youth Organization attended the ceremony and public gathering.

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