Senator Samina Mumtaz condemns Israeli attacks on Palestinians


Member of Senate Samina Mumtaz has condemned the Israeli attacks on Masjid-e-Aqsa and the killing of innocent Palestinian people in carpet-bombing in the holy month of Ramazan.

She stated that the ongoing atrocities were intolerable. “It is time for mobilization, and all Muslim nations, particularly the OIC, must unite with one voice on Palestine,” she added.

Moreover Samina Mumtaz said Israel was a terrorist country and there was a need to end Israeli terrorism. “The Pakistani nation will always stand against Israel. The oppression of the Muslims will not be tolerated.”

She added children, youths and women in Palestine are performing their duties by waging jihad against Israel and sending a message of struggle and resistance to the entire Ummah. “Unarmed Palestinians are fighting with stones in response to Israeli gunfire and shelling.”

“It is part of our faith to speak out against oppression, no matter who it is and It is time to put the differences behind us and respond to the voices of our Muslim brothers.”, Samina Mumtaz said.

Furthermore she said, The Palestinians had been the victim of Israeli oppression for the last many decades, and now it was the right time for the Muslims to stand against Zionist state together.

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