Sawan Kalmaty Village people cry out over lack of facilities


Recent rains and flood brought huge destruction which disturbed the whole Sawan Kalmaty Village at Ghaghar entirely where two girls who had been died into drench filled with rainwater namely 12 old Shahzadi and 11 old Rehmat Bibi whose mourn still remains in their homes and their parents have been mournful.

Houses in village have become in worse condition due to rains and many of them collapsed and cracked.No any government person, elected representative, millionaire have come to help them yet.

In this regard team of Awami Press Club Malir visited said affected village where they met with girls parents, heads of area and social activists and got details and facts.

On that occasion heads of village Haji Mahar Ali, Sawan Kalmaty, social activist Ibrahim Baloach said that heavy and stormy rains have washed away there houses even many houses have been cracked due to that their life has become hurtful and their circumstances have been very bad, no fundamental requisitions and needs they have been provided even not drinking water.

They further said elected representatives visit them ever during the time of election for votes and show them big and interesting dreams but after election they vanish away, no any progressive scheme has been given to Sawan kalmati village by them, villagers are bereft from the facility of health and education.

On that occasion deceased Shahzadi and Rehmat Bibi parents Ali Akbar and Niaz Mohammed told that their girls had gone from their houses to fetch water but in return they received their dead bodies.

They further told that they ran madly towards open drench in order to save their drowning girls when the heard but nobody approached for help towards them, their girls were drowning and dying before their eyes but they could not do.

Moreover they said both girls were studying at Jumma Baloach village school provided by HANDS, both girls had good friendship each other and they couldn’t provide facilities in the lives what they girls needed.

They said if drinking water was provided them at their doorsteps then such types of incidents would have not occurred with their girls. Villagers appealed that their fundamental facilities and requirements should be provided them on priority basis so that they be saved from such type of incidents.

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