Saeed Ghani demands action under Anti-Terrorism Act against those involved in attacks on policemen in Lahore, Islamabad


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Karachi: Sindh Labour and Human Resources Minister, Saeed Ghani, has demanded that the Anti-Terrorism Act should be invoked to take action against the people who in recent days committed violence against police personnel in Lahore and Islamabad.

The Sindh Labour and Human Resources Minister made the demand to this effect in a video message issued on Sunday.

Ghani said that the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, had been provoking his followers to commit aggression against police, judiciary, and national institutions as such an act was unprecedented in the history of Pakistan.

He said that the events of one last week in the country were highly sorrowful. He said that if concessions kept on being offered to Imran Khan for terrorizing the country then he would continue with his terrorizing activities as his past had shown.

Ghani said the current role of the PTI Chairman was sheer anti-Pakistan. He said that Imran Khan in his capacity as the former prime minister and head of a political party shouldn’t have provoked his followers to commit aggression against the judiciary, police, and national institutions.

“The way Imran Khan has been appearing in the courts is unprecedented as the judiciary also has no issue with this as it also welcomes his conduct,” said Ghani. He said that Imran Khan had assembled a stick-wielding force in Islamabad and Lahore that was being used to attack the policemen while using slingshots and Molotov cocktails.

The Sindh Labour Minister lamented the situation that 60 policemen in Lahore and over 50 police personnel in Islamabad had sustained serious injuries while several police vehicles were torched as a result of these attacks. “Despite committing all such violent acts Imran Khan is not afraid of the courts,” he said.
He said that courts and judges were indeed honourable but at the same time, the judiciary and judges should ensure a minimum level of standard in their judgments.

He said the people would ultimately lose trust in the judiciary if it kept on issuing such decisions as such lack of confidence was neither in the interest of the courts nor in the favour of the country or its system.
Ghani demanded that due lawful action should be taken against the lawless elements involved in committing violence against police in Lahore and Islamabad during one last week under the Anti-Terrorism Act. “If no such action is taken then these elements would further be encouraged to commit more such acts of violence in the country,” he maintained.

He lamented that Imran Khan had been sparing no national institution in the country whether it was the army, election commission, parliament, or media. “Even the judiciary earns its wrath and comes under attack if it rarely gives any ruling against Imran Khan,” he said.

He said the PTI Chairman never hesitated and brazenly attacked the institution in the country, which didn’t take decisions in his favour.

“A loyal and faithful Pakistani couldn’t even think about the vicious acts committed by Imran Khan,” he added.

He maintained that PTI Chairman had been fulfilling the agenda of anti-Pakistani elements as for this very purpose he had received funding from the Indian and Jewish lobbies from outside Pakistan.
The Sindh Labour Minister said that PTI Chairman had been bent upon destroying the Pakistani economy and society. “The country couldn’t make progress if this evil remains unchecked and faces no opposition in committing vicious acts,” said Ghani.

He reminded Dr Arif Alvi that he is the elected President of Pakistan as he is not the President of the PTI.
He expressed sorrow that the son of Dr Alvi had remained involved in a condemnable propaganda campaign against the Pakistan Army and other national institutions on social media. He demanded that action should also be taken against Dr Alvi’s son.

He further demanded that due lawful action should be taken against the people who at the behest of Imran Khan had attacked policemen and the properties of people.

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