Rubi Beach Pride Residents urges for action against Union’s President involve in harassing & doing criminal activities


Sources informed that Haji Razzak Khan has allegedly occupied Rubi Beach Pride residential building which located in Clifton Block One and involve in taking a heavy amount on the name of maintenance from the residents.

Whereas a resident of said project on the anonymity of name informed that  if any resident ask about expenses from Haji Razzak who is also a president of union itself , the union threatened those residents and cut their water supply in case of asking about the expenses.

Moreover they also mentally tortured those residents by cutting power supply and by using other illegal and criminal tactics.

It was learned that multiple cases regarding sexual harassment, electricity theft, fighting with residents and misbeviour has been registered against Union’s President his son Ahsan Ullah, Qudrat Ullah including their allies in Clifton and Boat Basin Police Station.

However a resident of said project’s flat number 506 A and 602 A in letter to Additional IG Karachi dated 25th October 2016 informed about the harassment and teasing family members by the said persons.

A Resident alleged that after the posting of Naseer Tanoli as SHO police is not taking action against them, whereas they are reportedly also involve in selling drugs and supporting banned outfits.

Moreover he added that the Union’s President also have support from some police personals by giving them flats on the cheapest rates to earn more money.

On the other hand one of the resident stated that the said persons use this tactics to force the residents to sell their flat in cheapest rates and by using these tactics Haji Razzak has become billionare.

Residents of the project urged to Chief Minister Sindh , DG Rangers Sindh, ADIG Karachi Police for immediate action against all culprits who are involve in harassing residents of rubi beach pride and also doing involve in doing criminal activities.

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