Role of teachers for an educated Society


By: Ayesha Ahmed

The role of each individual in the society changes as time goes on. Some people’s responsibilities increase and some limits decrease. Our society gave teachers spiritual parents and parents at some point and then I was tasked with being a cheerleader.

Sadly, while passing, he saw a change in the character and temperament of the student, but the basic role of the teacher was unchanged. The cruelty of the teacher was that the teacher’s belly gave way to spirituality and went along with the practice.

They too can pet their wives and children. Nations all over the world are understanding the importance and need of basic education and are preparing their teachers to adapt to changing times. Our public school teacher is also convinced of the need for a stick.

Perhaps it would be more correct to say that our teachers try to overcome their fears and lack of ability by using the rod. This is not surprising.

Every ineligible person roars to another to hide his shortcomings. An important part of the teacher’s training is to give him a true understanding of his role.

In today’s world, the teacher is not the character, but in today’s world the teacher who lives on target may never have been before. The role of the teacher has changed.

Now he may be a leader for his knowledge, but not necessarily a follower, he can guide the student but he cannot force himself to follow.

In an era when the student is more intelligent and resourceful than the teacher, the teacher will have to do more to persuade.

We persuade our children to produce it by the force of the rod. That is why we carry the rod in our hands. Therefore, our nation has neither the qualities of leadership nor the ability to be a leader.

The way we are running the children of our nation is returning us in the form of incompetent politicians, military, bureaucratic doctors and teachers.

They are burning from generation to generation but are unwilling to pay any attention to the basic unit. If society wants to make friends, we have to focus on the basis. Our society has to give the teacher the right to do it, and the teacher has to understand that the word of spiritual parents sounds good in the books, but now the teacher has to change his role while understanding the requirements of the time. Any nation is powerful when it comes to integrating the need for time.

A nation becomes an undeniable force when it recognizes its role does not have to be the leader of everyone to guarantee success.

The key to success is that each team player and follower becomes a leader and the teacher has to determine their role. The process of change starts from the ground up and goes up.

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