Rohit Lila Ram prepares for second film premiere at Cannes Film Festival


Rohit Lila Ram grew up in Sindh, one of the most culturally rich states of Pakistan, where he was deeply connected with the people and created multiple music videos.

Ram possessed a natural talent for film and photography, delving into the storytelling genre of visual media.

This inclination earned him a substantial scholarship and an opportunity to study at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Currently, he works in the heart of Hollywood, collaborating on projects with high-level film producers and executives.

With a diverse portfolio boasting 30 projects, including short films, features, television shows, and commercials, Ram is poised to undertake more ventures in the near future.

The year 2024 commenced on a high note as Ram’s film “Good For Me,” directed by Hannah Wolny, was selected by FILMFEST DRESDEN for its German premiere, a significant honor within the independent European film market.

Additionally, it was chosen for its international premiere at Cannes Film Festival’24 in Marche Du Film. Ram served as the line producer for “Good For Me,” collaborating with exceptionally talented filmmakers from Germany, positioning himself as the sole U.S.-based producer on this North Carolina project. “Taking a project to a global level has always been a dream. The collaboration at this level and the success it has achieved are truly remarkable,” says Ram.

“Good For Me” follows Julie, who returns to her parents’ home to await her abortion appointment. Over the ensuing 72 hours, as she contemplates her decision, the family navigates between old habits and unspoken questions. The film is characterized by its nuanced, subtle approach, focusing on the unspoken dynamics within families when faced with difficult decisions.

Ram takes immense pride in the film and intends to develop a feature-length production inspired by its subject matter. This moment is not only a source of pride for the team but also for Sindh and Pakistan, as Ram celebrates his second Cannes premiere, following his web-series pilot “MASTERPIECE” in 2022 at the American Pavilion. “I never imagined I would be on such a grand stage, playing an integral role in this film and elevating it to the highest level,” remarks Ram.

Furthermore, Ram is preparing to release his second film with German filmmakers, slated for a summer premiere. Funded and distributed by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb), the largest television network in the Brandenburg state, the movie centers on the struggles and intense lives of refugees striving to protect their families.

While Ram marks his highs, its impressive how he keeps his identity of Sindh and Pakistan close to his heart.

He is an ignition for many young artists and filmmakers in Pakistan.

Ram concludes “I’m a huge part of where I come from, I went to a school which empowered me to be curious about stories and art which is why I have to give credit to my roots. I hope and wish that more people take a step forward towards narrating effective stories that they have lived.”

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