Residents reaches to conciliate provincial minister at Jida hotel


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Provincial Minister became angry with area’s people on asking harsh questions from him during Open Kacheri at Murad Memon village.

Ghulam Muhammad village Ghaghar habitants expressed remorse over strict behavior with provincial minister Sajid Jokhio by asking questions about basic rights in Open Kacheri.

In this regards heads of Union Council Chand Paro and party workers namely Abdul Sattar Khalifo, Haji Akbar Kalmaty, Shabbir Gabol, Abdul Wahid Kalmaty, Sudheer Kalmaty, Gada Hussain Laghari, Akbar Khoso, Muhammad Jabar Lund, Mumtaz Laghari and other reached at Jida hotel super highway and met with PPP General Secretary and Provincial Minister Sajid Jokhio and discussed on misconception created in Open Kacheri and took him in confident.

Provincial minister readily granted their remorse and forborn misunderstandings.

In this respect former chairman of UC Chand Paro Abdul Sattar Khalifo told journalists that resident of village have begged pardon over asking strict questions in Open Kacheri at Murad Memon village on which provincial minister Sajid Jokhio has commanded and shown him green signal to start doing party work and instructed to keep on contacting with public.

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