Residents demand to change the route of express way


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A protest rally against the route of controversial express way staged at Murad Memon village led by Haji Azeezullah Memon, Saqib Memon, Aslam Baloch, Haneef Dil Murad, Tariq Baloch, Manzoor Memon, Wahid Jokhio and others.
Rally commenced from Memon village to Biro village Pakistan Hotel which was participated residents of Qayoom Abad Jam Sadiq Bridge, Quaid-e-Abad, Old Thana , Samoo village, Bhiro village, Memon village, Darsana Chhana, Dumloty and other habitations even PTI leader Jansher Junejo, Khaskheli Organizationvs representative Yaqoob Khaskheli also participated.
Rally participants chanted serious slogans holding banners and play cards in their hands and demanding to change the route of express way which chief minister Sindh had announced.
On that occasion lead people addressed protest rally participants and said that they have been living from many centuries and current route will badly affect their business, land, houses which cannot be accepted what may happens.
They said that elected representatives should stand with residents and make aware their leadership about their voters issues and make leadership agree to change route of controversial express way.
They warned that if route of express way is not changed then they will spread their protest movement.

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