Repatriation of Illegal Afghans is in Pakistan’s favor but against PTI policy


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Last night, Imran Khan took to his social media account to tweet and oppose the Pakistan government’s decision to deport illegal Afghans by giving absurd logic.

First of all, the first responsibility of the state of Pakistan is towards its Pakistanis, their lives and property are the most important, not the illegal people of any other country who have become a great threat to the lives and property of Pakistanis.

Secondly, the theory of migration to Islam is not what Imran Khan is telling, he is quoting the history of Islam in a completely wrong way and connecting it with the illegal presence of these illegal Afghans in Pakistan – migration to Islam. There are other values and goals that this person has neither read nor told to him by anyone.

Thirdly, connecting the return of illegal people in the 20th century with a meaningful process like migration also shows ignorance of this person’s facts – because after the establishment of the nation-state, now according to international law, the inhabitants of a country It is highly reprehensible to link the Islamic migration to other countries, which can only go with a legal permit, to achieve their nefarious political goals.

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