Religion is a personal choice: Nadir Ali issues apology amidst immense backlash


In a recent podcast interview, popular YouTuber Nadir Ali faced backlash for inappropriately questioning model and actor Sunita Marshall about her faith. 

However, following the incident, Nadir took to Instagram to issue a public apology, clarifying that his intentions were not to hurt anyone’s feelings. He stated that his curiosity led him to ask Sunita about her plans for conversion to Islam but emphasised that religion is a personal choice, and he respects people of all beliefs.

Furthermore, he expressed his wish, shared by 1.9 billion Muslims, to see people embrace Islam but emphasised that it should be a voluntary decision.

In his Instagram post, Nadir penned, “My intentions during the podcast with Sunita were not to hurt her or anyone’s feelings at all. It was just out of curiosity that I asked her about her plans for conversion to Islam! Religion is a personal choice and I respect people of all beliefs. It is my wish and the wish of 1.9 billion Muslims to see people come to Islam but of course with their own choice! If, still, my words have hurt the feelings of anyone, I apologise.”

This comes after Sunita, the target of the invasive questioning, graciously acknowledged the overwhelming support she received from her followers and expressed her gratitude. She appealed for an end to the harassment directed towards Nadir, displaying grace and poise in handling the situation. Additionally, Sunita called upon the interviewing fraternity to exercise sensitivity and refrain from delving into personal matters during future interactions. Her response highlighted the need for respect, professionalism, and a conscientious approach when conducting interviews.

During the interview, Sunita was subjected to a series of invasive questions, including inquiries about her faith, reasons for choosing not to convert, her children’s beliefs, and the possibility of her ever converting to Islam. Despite the challenging nature of the questions, Sunita handled them with composure and received praise for her mature and dignified responses. She reiterated that she has no plans to convert and affirmed that there is no external pressure on her to do so. Sunita stressed the importance of individuals embracing Islam wholeheartedly rather than succumbing to external influences.

The incident sparked a broader conversation about the boundaries and ethics of journalism, as public figures continue to face invasive questioning that encroaches upon their privacy and personal beliefs. Sunita’s experience shed light on the necessity for interviewers to exercise respect and professionalism when engaging with individuals in the public eye. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for a more conscientious approach in conducting interviews. It will contribute to a positive shift in the way interviews are conducted and promote a greater understanding of personal boundaries and privacy in the public sphere.

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